Rolling Stone Interview with Omar Rodriguez Lopez

Who you calling Little Hitler? An in depth interview with Omar Rodriguez Lopez about making his film The Sentimental Engine Slayer, the next Mars Volta album and how making films has taught my favorite control freak how to loosen the reigns.

"They call him "little Hitler." That's because Omar Rodríguez-López – half of the brain trust behind the Mars Volta – likes to play dictator in the studio, obsessively controlling his fellow musicians' every move, every note. Or at least, he used to. Now that he's premiering his directorial debut The Sentimental Engine Slayer at New York's Tribeca Film Festival this week, Rodríguez-López says that the experience has taught him a valuable lesson – "how to play well with others" – which he hopes to bring back to his music. "It's one small step for me, one large step for my ego," he says."

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