Sargent House Welcomes Brittanie Delava

after earning her stripes here at the old house first and being incredibly helpful to all of us taking tips from an old pro like Chase Ortega, and then touring for 7 weeks with RX Bandits and Zechs Marquise she has really proved herself to be one of us. Keeping her cool in the storm, dealing with big overgrown, sensitive, crazy, beautiful geniuses of sound. If they couldn't manage to send her to a rehab or a pyscho ward after that tour, then who better to hire to be my Assistant! So let's all welcome the lovely Brittanie Delava. I am very excited to have her passion and willingness to ignore the past and learn instead from the future and who appreciates the crazy way I like to do things. Heaven must have sent us an angel.

but please don't start spamming her with demos - you'se all know the rules.