SXSW - Indie Label Spotlight

Sargent House got it's own little Indie Label Spotlight by the folks who run SXSW , how kind.

"Sargent House was an Indie Village participant in 2009 that also brought us showcasing acts Good Old War, Red Fang, Maps & Atlases and Tera Melos. One of the things about the label that grabbed my attention immediately (besides their insanely amazing roster) was their website. It is completely dedicated to their bands - not the label itself. With a main page consisting solely of the names of the artists, their promo photos and links to more information about them, it's really hard to find info on the actual label. So we asked Cathy Pellow, Manager, to tell us more about the mysterious and modest Sargent House." - CLICK TO READ FULL STORY

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