Our Friends Are On Vacation

So our pals over at Hydra Head decided to take a Vacation by opening a beautiful vinyl record store so go check that place out and bring money! Of course they are too cool to tell anyone they have this record store so I'm going to. Wow, I forgot how much I miss the ritual of going to real record stores, with people who actually listen to music working there. Record Store Day reminds me that the Old times, feel like the New times and they are the still Good Times.

But if the audiophiles working there "Jack Black" the shit out of you for asking for certain records - just give some attitude back by Picketing their store with signs like this - and then you'll all get along great.

A big thank you to any and all record stores that put our records in your store, we really appreciate it - of course Vacation did not put any of our records in their store. Thanks Mark Thompson, you're a real pal.

Also check out Origami Records they just opened down the street from us to, and they had our records in their store and we don't even know them!

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