Record Store Day - Saturday - April 18th

In honor of Record Store Day which is this Saturday - April 18th these Sargent House beauties - 10k of them, will be FREE at participating Indie Stores on April 18th so go buy records at Indie Record Stores Saturday! The first ever Sargent House comp is featuring not yet released, Live Versions and or new songs from awesome albums on Sargent House. So Make sure to ask your local Indie Store for one, and if they didn't stock them make sure and tell them they need to get hip to what's going on over here, spread the love

bygones – “Click On That, Smash The Plastic Death”
RX Bandits – No Chorizo - (Live From Glasshouse)
Red Fang – “Good To Die”
These Arms Are Snakes – “Camera Shy”
Cast Spells – “Glamorous Glowing”
This Town Needs Guns – “Rabbit”
Good Old War – “Window” (Live Acoustic)
Native – “What Are You Dylan In My House?”
Tera Melos - “Last Smile For Jaron”
Maps & Atlases -“Ted Zancha”
Love You Moon – “Screams In A Vacuum” (Live From Fingerprints)
Red Sparowes – The Fear Is Excruiating, But Therein Lies the Answer

Here is some more of the Cool stuff Sargent House has going on for Record Store Day .

1,000 of the Russian Circles / These Arms Are Snakes 12" Vinyl split in Clear Vinyl.

Good Old War will be performing Live for Record Store Day at 2pm
at Main Street Music - 4444 Main Street - Philadelphia, PA
Youth Group will also be playing at Noon.

From Rodriguez Lopez Productions the debut album from El Grupo Nuevo De Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Cryptomnesia Is available 2 Weeks early on Vinyl with a limited run of just 3,000 copies only at participating Indie Stores April 18th

For a Full List of Special Items and Events for Record Store day Click HERE

damn, if only people loved records as much as we do.


Mike said...

Wait, are there more details coming? Will these be at every record store? And they come free to people who purchase anything? Or people who purchase Sargent House releases? Or people who ask for them?

Anonymous said...

Please send some to Landlocked Music in Bloomington, Indiana!!