16 Things About Me

Stuff like this always makes me smile. This girl has the best 16 Things About Me list, damn I have a lot in common with this young lady. Check out #9 on her list, and #6 is a real keeper too - basically everything other than not liking cheese and having long nails - this girl could be me!

1. People always tell me when we first met they thought I was a snob
2. I've had long nails since 6th grade, when they are short, I don't recognize my own hand
3. I hate cheese and milk
4. Didn't drive until I was 21
5. I get lost everywhere I go. So do my two sisters
6. Not a hugger
7. I want to quit my job but I really like my coworkers
8. I can pretty much quote Nightmare On Elm Street 4 by heart
9. Have been listening to These Arms Are Snakes cd Tail Swallower and Dove for about a month straight. Nothing else.
10. Wish I had super straight hair and Brenda Walsh bangs circa 90210's golden years
11. I love going to concerts more than anything
12. Have never seen Casablanca
13. Michael J Fox was my first celebrity crush
14. Low pitched voices sometimes make my eyes water
15. I worry too much
16. I am almost never late.

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