An Interview with Director Darren Doane

Now some of you may not know this but Cathy Pellow (that's me) has also got some knowledge in the Music Video department. At least Director Darren Doane knows that! Check out a very interesting interview with a guy who I love back and whom I am always delighted to work with when I have to go and make something "Right" for any artist.
We've done a lot of videos together ....

"They were the kinds of projects where someone said – usually Cathy Pellow, who is a phenomenal asset to music videos in general as a commissioner. Cathy would always say, “Just get on the phone with Darren.” So that’s Mraz, Caillat, Shinedown, Buck Cherry. I don’t have that many hits, but those hits were because Cathy Pellow got on the phone." READ FULL INTERVIEW

how's that for patting myself on the back & speaking in the third person about myself. Thanks for the kind words Darren. You are the man.

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