David Davison Feature by Bobby Markos

This feature on David Davison really makes us smile. First because, we love him and think he is one of the most important new voices in music today. So much so, he is doing A&R for Sargent House. He's also the mastermind and musical savant behind Cast Spells and Maps & Atlases. But what really makes this one so sweet is it was written by Bobby Markos who plays bass and sings in Native,  for his college paper. Great Job Mr. College guy you picked a subject we love and covered it very nicely.

"Dave Davison may hail from Schererville, but his voice and guitar playing are becoming known all over the world. Through his nationally known indie-rock band, Maps & Atlases, and his solo project, Cast Spells, Davison found an outlet for his greatest passion: rock music delivered with unconventional musicianship."





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