Nick Sadler does It Again - Daughters Pitchfork Review

Well even if Lex wants to shit on the new Daughters album which is 100 times better than anything they have done before and then complain about Nick Sadler for writing such a "bad" album, but then go take his writer credit off the album once everyone says it's really good. Well fuck it. Pitchfork gives the new album an 8.2 and at least they acknowledge Nick's role. Bummed at Lex and hope one day all the boys will reunite in this line up and perform this bad ass album. I miss those Daughters.

"This isn't technically Daughters' final album, but after recording, half the band quit, and whatever the remaining members (vocalist Alexis Marshall and drummer Jonathan Syverson) come up with in the future probably won't sound much like this. In a February 2010 interview with Noisecreep.com, Marshall all but says so while discussing the new album: "[Former guitarist] Nick [Sadler] wrote a lot of the stuff on there, and he was really looking to make it accessible, and see how it fared... There are definitely parts of the record that were written to see how people will respond, which is kind of disappointing."

If Sadler's name sounds familiar, it's probably from the decidedly non-Daughters-like charms of his other group, Fang Island. While he's not officially credited as a songwriter-- the songs on Daughters are attributed to the entire group-- Sadler is listed as a co-producer, which might explain the album's relatively less abrasive sound." - CLICK TO READ FULL REVIEW

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