Zach Hill & Nick Reinhart Play Shows in April

Yes, I know together these two have a band called bygones, how could I forget? Their albums are some of my favorites. Well, they are not playing as "bygones" but Nick Reinhart will be accompanying Zach Hill on his shows in April playing guitar. When asked to describe what they would be playing, Zach said " We will be Improvising". Let's face it, this will be pretty damn sweet. When those guys first met and started playing together I asked Nick, what are you two guys doing ? and he said "We are just improvising, we could play for days". And from those improvs have come two very different but very connected recordings from their band together, the first full length called By- and their new EP called Spritual Bankruptcy. So I guess what I'm saying is anyone who gets to see these shows is in for a real treat that no one else will ever see again in the same way, each show utterly unique and a surprise. So don't miss it. I might have to fly in just to check it out myself

Zach Hill feat. Nick Reinhart
April 20 - @ The Biliken Club - St. Louis, MO
April 21 - @ The Beat Kitchen - Chicago, IL
April 22- @ Denison University (For Denison Students Only)
April 24 - @ Big Red Barn at Cornell University - Ithaca, NY
April 25 - @ Bazooka - Binghamton, NY
April 27 - @ Death by Audio - Brooklyn, NY

Want to hear bygones? You can hear them all HERE

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Vegan Coke said...

Z & N - come to ATL...we'll have a huge improve session.