Sargent House Gives Back To If You Make It

We are huge believers over at the ol' house in the importance of community and helping support eachother, so when we heard one of our favorite music sites If You Make It, curators of the great Pink Couch Sessions and so much more was having problems paying for the expense of bandwidth for their downloads we just knew we wanted to help. So we are happy to say we will be sponsoring them and their site so we can all continue to enjoy their devotion and coverage of great and upcoming music.

Check out some of our own bands that have been covered by If You Make It

Cast Spells / featuring Good Old War and Hezekiah Jones - A Badge

Good Old War - Coney Island on the Pink Couch

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Anonymous said...

Yes! This is a great site that definitely is worth a check out for indie fans everywhere! Thanks for helping them out!