RedEye is Stoked

Redeye is excited to announce its new partnership with the Los Angeles- based music company, Sargent House, which acts as both label and management to its immensely talented and diverse community of artists. Formed in 2006, Sargent House was built out of the need to do things differently than what has become expected from the traditional record label model, and in turn, maximize opportunities for the over 15 bands and artists that now call it home. So far this year, Sargent House has released new music from Native and Fang Island, while the rest of 2010 will include new releases from Red Sparowes, Good Old War, Lisa Papineau, Tera Melos, Zach Hill, Omar Rodriguez Lopez, Zechs Marquise and much more.

Sargent House says that, “In today’s dynamic and ever-changing marketplace, it is crucial to align with like-minded companies that not only have the expertise to provide solutions that fit business needs of today, but the foresight to adapt to what will become imperative for success in the future.” Redeye looks forward to that future and to working with Sargent House. (copied from Redeye Blog)

- Okay, we over here at Sargent House are pretty happy about the whole thing too, so far they have been great to us. Let's hope the love just continues to grow.

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