NoiseCreep Interview About Haiti Sampler

Thanks NoiseCreep for taking the time out to tell more people about our Haiti Fund raising Goals. Please Download And Donate so we can make it to our 3rd Goal, we are almost there!

"We've all seen the images displayed from the tragedy in Haiti: survivors grabbing press crew hoping they are actually doctors while still, even now, news of people being pulled from the blankets of rumble still comes through every day.

"My reaction is that of a human being. It wouldn't matter what country it happened in I think it's terrible." Sargent House Records founder Cathy Pellow told Noisecreep of her thoughts in the aftermath of the earthquake. "Damn. People think they have it bad, imagine starting at negative 100 and then having your entire country decimated. They started with a lack of medical care." - Click to Read Full Article

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