Exclaim Canada, Heralds Native's New Album

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"They might be young, but these Indiana punks have forged something memorable and unique with their debut full-length, Wrestling Moves. Clearly growing up under the influence of classic post-punk bands like Fugazi and Shellac, Native have succeeded in forging something original from the discordant madness of those bands and the catchy, intricate guitar interplay of '90s Midwest staples like Braid and American Football. The result is a record full of songs that play to, rather than indulge, their members' technical strengths, swinging between the subtle and the cacophonous. Songs like "Five Year Payoff" and "Ponyboy" capture the band at their best, demonstrating a perfect understanding of the dynamics of a great post-hardcore song, highlighting the clarity of the album's production. Wrestling Moves is, without a doubt, a sharp-sounding document that lets each member's contributions shine through the minimal mix. For anyone looking for their fix of Small Brown Bike-style ragers, Native have succeeded in banging out ten fine examples, emulating the best of their influences while retaining a delivery and songwriting style that belong to them alone." - con'td

photo by David Summers

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