LA Weekly's INCHES features Red Sparowes

LA Weekly Inches Column strikes again! Picking another great Vinyl from Sargent House

Artist: Red Sparowes
Title: Aphorisms
Label: Sargent House (Echo Park)
Format: 12-inch EP on clear orange, 12x24" poster, 1000 pressed

Glasgow's got post-rock. Austin's got post-rock. But Los Angeles? This city seems far too fast-paced and steeped in good weather for slowly unfurling, expansive and slightly depressed songs with titles like "We Left The Apes To Rot, But Find The Fang Still Grows Within." And yet, the Red Sparowes quintet has done it -- they've given the land of endless summers the gift of endless songs, and they've done it well. This three-track set was released digitally last year, but sounds all the more wasteland-ready on vinyl. Credit's due to the band's original core, bassist/pedal steel player Greg Burns and Isis keyboardist Bryant Clifford Meyer (who here plays one of three guitars). Without ever getting too heavy in the fuzz, Aphorisms strikes a delicate balance between broad mood-making and canned fretted heat. Word is a third full-length is coming early next year. - Chris Martins

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