Fang Island - Top 10 A Year Early

Brian Cook is not just a Bass player from Russian Circles, These Arms Are Snakes, & Botch he's also a writer and has a column in Seattle's The Stranger and we were very happy to see such a fine musician and one heck of a musically diverse guy pick Fang Island for one of his Best 10 Records of 2009 Going so far as to make them an exception since their album does not actually come out until 2/23/10. Anyway here's to hoping his PREDICTION comes true.

Fang Island
"Another exception to the 2009 rule: this record isn’t out yet, though a few tracks are up on the band’s MySpace page, several of the songs have wound up on tour-only CDs, and Pitchfork promoted their video for the album’s title track. But I’m including it because an unmastered version of the album started floating around back in the spring, and I couldn’t stop listening to it. Totally triumphant guitars, giant choruses, and an overload of positive charm made this a perfect summertime album. I stand by my prediction: when this thing finally gets a proper release, it’s going to be huge."

He also made an exception and put in DAUGHTERS new album that doesn't come out until 3/9/10.

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