Crawdaddy Piece Really Sums it Up for Me

I read this article today written by Lavinia Jones Wright and it made me feel less crazy. Why? you ask, well because of paragraphs like this.

"It also showed how working together has given contemporary bands more leverage and therefore more exposure and clout. Working together in each other’s studios, making tracks together, touring as double bills, signing to each other’s labels, showing up at each other’s shows—all of these community support tactics have braced the independent music scene. And all of these strengthening strategies are something we learned once again from the artists of 2005, who acted like loving siblings and whose cool parents (labels like Barsuk and Sub Pop, and, of course, Merge) wanted what’s best for them and sacrificed for them, rather than the other way around."

The article's main gist is how in 2005 Indie artists/ labels began to flip the script. But what makes me feel less alone is hearing a writer see and acknowledge the importance of COMMUNITY in all of it. Sargent House was built on this very thought and foundation. The goal was to create a Community, a Family of like minded musicians, bands, music lovers. Put them all under one roof and grow together, help each other and through that create a trusted destination for the Music Lovers to go. Where they could know whatever this Family, This House was backing was going to be quality and possess true musical integrity. I am a super passionate person, some people fear that and see it as something negative. I've been told "You need to not care so much, you can't also be "Friends" with your bands. If that's the case then I should just go and sell cars or stocks and bonds, I'd certainly make a better living financially, but would I be happier, is that really living? I can't possibly work hard for something or someone I don't also Love. So, I hope I don't ever change truly caring about the Music and the people who are making it.

It gives me a sense of peace to know and remember how labels like Merge were born the same way and how they too only signed what and who they loved and backed it with nothing but a sheer belief in quality. The cream rose to the top.

Thanks to any and all of you out there that support bands and the labels that are the support system for them.

Here's to hoping more people in the music community will remember to help each other, this is not a competition. Good Music succeeds when we all help one another to get quality heard.

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positivexposure said...

That's why I'm here too.