Rodriguez Lopez Releases - Xenophanes

Rodriguez Lopez Productions announces the release of Omar Rodriguez Lopez's - Xenophanes

Is the full length album from Omar Rodriguez Lopez, his debut with him doing the vocals. Is being released via Rodriguez Lopez Productions Europe on September 28th Vinyl & CD (Europe only). The Digital will get it's worldwide release Tonight at Midnight but ONLY at RLP Digital . Then will be available worldwide in all retail and digital outlets on November 10th. The US Vinyl is (Pink) European version is (Yellow) and is now available for Pre-Order at RLP Record Store and will ship on or around November 28th.

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Clément said...

I bought "Los Sueños De Un Higado" yesterday and it is planned to ship on December 1st. If I pre-order "Xenophanes" US version on pink vinyl, will I be able to save on shipping cost as it is planned to ship on November 28th?
Also, will the european version on yellow vinyl be available on hellomerch?
Thanks a lot.