Guitar Lesson Videos - Request Your Top 2

Matthew Embree of RX Bandits , Love You Moon and The Sound of Animals Fighting is going to be creating 2 different guitar lesson videos of songs taken from the RX Bandits and or TSOAF catalogue but he wants your input. After many email requests and you-tube videos of covers gone wrong, he decided why not ask the fans what 2 songs they would like most to have him teach. So, here is a list he made up to choose from with songs from both bands and a few different albums – Please email your top 3 choices that you would like to see him teach we will do the top 2 with the most requests - send to: teachmematt@sargenthouse.com

Taking Chase As The Serpent Slithers
To Our Unborn Daughters In Her Drawer
A Million Miles An Hour Fast Asleep
Bring Our Children Home Or Everything Is Nothing
March of the Catepillar
Bled To Be Free (The Operation)

Chasing Suns
The Heraldic Beak of The Manufacturers Medallion
I, The Swan

*Emails will not be replied to and please don't vote multiple times, won't be counted from the same email

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