Zach Hill Making Dick Moves

CHLL PLL's MP3 - "Dick Moves" now streaming at Prefix Magazine

Hella's Zach Hill is known primarily for playing the drums for that band, as well Marnie Stern and Team Sleep, but he should be known for his super RAD band's bygones. Hill's newest venture is the vowel-less psych noise-pop duo CHLL PLL with Zac Nelson. Drumming is prominent on "Dick Moves," the first advance track from the project, but the track's propulsive, crass ambience takes up most of the ear's attention. Expect CHLL PLL to move to the front ranks of the caps-lock, "Who needs vowels?" experimental crowd.

CHLL PLL's debut record, Aggressively Humble, is out Oct. 20 on Porter Records. You can listen to two more songs at the duo's Myspace page.

Aggressively Humble track list:

1. Dick Moves
2. she Owns
3. Tales from the Crypt
4. Pass Out
5. Superzodiac
6. Hello Woman Hello Man
7. Now Then and When
8. Hold This Hand of Rowdy Light
9. Aggressively Humble

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Anonymous said...

So how many bands is Mr. Hill in now?

Ah... he's like a crazy-god-drumming machine.