Tera Melos Drug / Complex goes to Japan

Tera Melos will be releasing Drugs /Complex in Japan on Parabolica Records. The full length will be a combination of their last 2 EPS, with the 5 songs from their split called - Complex Full Of Phantoms and the newly remixed and remastered songs from Drugs To the Dear Youth. They will also head over to Japan to Tour with new label mates Lite


Oct 25 Kyoto - WHOOPEE'S w/Nuito

Oct 26 Osaka - CLUB QUATTRO w/ LITE

Oct 27 Nagoya - CLUB QUATTRO w/ LITE & Toe

Oct 28 Tokyo - CLUB QUATTRO w/ LITE

Oct 29 Sendai - BIRDLAND w/Nuito

Oct 30 Niigata - CLUB RIVERST w/ Nuito

Oct 31 Kanazawa - VAN VAN V4

Nov 01 Tokyo - FEVER w/Nuito

DRUGS / COMPLEX Tracklisting
1. Ambassadors of All That is Good
2. 40 Rods to the Hog’s Head
3. Guy vs. DC Sniper
4. A Spoonful of Slurry
5. The Werewolf and Ben
6. (Is Good For What Ails You)
7. 555-9676
8. Party with Tina
9. When Worms Learn to Fly
10. Melody 9
11. Last Smile for Jaron

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