Represent Peace

I wanted to share some pictures with everyone from the night of July 31st at the RX Bandits Bowery Ballroom show in NYC where Matt Embree proudly wore the International Peace Belt - it was an honor to help make this happen, the belt has traveled all over the world and this was it's first US stop, at the end of the evening Matt packed the beautiful, handmade belt back into it's carrier where it's next destination was to be Brazil for more information on this organization please check out Artist For World Peace

I must say I'm going to have to find a peace belt for him to wear all the time he looked amazing. Like a Modern Day Jim Morrison Gypsy! I have big love for Jim Morrison, "I'd rather be a word man, better than a bird man"

Lest us all NOT Forget - What We Need Right Now Is Love! - Check out this clip from the RXB show at Irving Plaza the night before, where the Crowd called RX Bandits back out by singing at the top of their lungs "What We Need Right Now Is Love" - and this my friends is just another reason why I LOVE THIS BAND and the positive energy they bring to people. When is the last time you saw 1200 people dancing at a show in NYC?

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