Bygones Vinyl Featured in LA Weekly

Artist: Bygones
Label: Sargent House
Title: by-
Format: 12-inch (+ download card), yellow vinyl, 1000 pressed

Supergroups are a dime a dozen these days. Power trios are passé, and perhaps that's what's inspired the coupling rampage that Hella's Zach Hill has been on of late: he's pioneering a new format - the megaduo. The hyper-aggressive drummer has paired with Marnie Stern, Scott Herren, Rob Crow, and Christopher Willits to name but a few of his still-fresh projects, and Bygones sees him joining Nick Reinhart (guitarist and singer from NorCal prog demons Tera Melos) for an album's worth of high-octane, sinewy math rock.

Bygones - "Click On That (Smash The Plastic Death)" (MP3)

There's something about tempo-shifting aural pileups that just works with a turntable in the most wonderfully converse way, suggesting skips and warbles where those don't exist, and leaving the air crackling at the completion of a side. Released by Echo Park's vinyl-loving Sargent House, by- yields some beautiful moments from all that extreme vibrancy (see "Click On That" and "Fool Evolved"), so it's well-matched by the Playschool-yellow wax and crisp cover photograph (modeled by the Dirty Projector's Amber Coffman). - Chris Martins

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