Seattle Weekly - Bangover Red Fang

Whenever I hear talk about getting a "bangover" from rocking too hard at a show, I find it difficult to take seriously. The declaration that one is experiencing whiplash from over-exuberant headbanging sounds more like a delusional hangover than a music-related injury. However, as I write this, I believe this is precisely what I'm experiencing, thanks to Red Fang's seismic Sunday night performance at the Comet.

I hadn't seen the Portland-based band since they'd opened for Steel Pole Bathtub at MusicfestNW last year—such an unforgettable experience, I was starting to wonder if I'd over-romanticized it. Clearly this was not the case; Red Fang's Comet show was one of the best live-music experiences I've had outside a Fugazi concert. It's always a thrill to watch a band play on a small stage (or in this case, on the floor of a historically significant dive bar) when it's evident they could completely hold their own at an arena rock show. Drummer John Sherman is an insanely animated percussionist who somehow combines laser-like precision and unhinged passion, and the twin guitar lines of Bryan Giles and David Sullivan mix with the dueling vocals of Giles and bassist Aaron Beam to result in an astonishingly articulate storm of brutal beauty. It's quite similar to the magical, muscular delivery of bands like Queens of the Stone Age or even Metallica. It's also the sort of experience that causes one to bob one's head with excessive force, so keep this potential injury in mind if you attend Red Fang's next Seattle show at the Sunset on Friday, August 14. These guys deserve to be huge. - Click To Read Full Story


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