Advance Raves for Russian Circles Geneva

Article taken from IndiePit

"Now this is a great way to start a Monday: With a press-only stream of the new Russian Circles record, Geneva. As of last week, we were still spinning the sinister instrumentalists’ last one, 2008’s Station - that record blew our brains onto the wall, which we then had to scrape off, shape into a ball and shove back into our skull. Messy indeed. Already, Geneva - locked and loaded for a 10/20 release on Suicide Squeeze - is dashing up our list of ‘09 faves faster than a cougar pouncing on a deer. The Chicago version of Mogwai bring the heavy on the first two tracks, “Fathom” and “Geneva,” laying down some seriously bombastic blasts. The album then catches its breath with “Melee” and “Hexed All,” two gorgeous contemplative tracks that feature - brace yourself - strings. But then it’s off to the races again with “Malko,” the fastest, most ear-splitting song on the album. ”When the Mountain Comes to Muhammad” and “Philos” turn the record inward one last time, leaving us with some hauntingly meditative sounds. One deep thought that occurred to us while we zoned out to the new Russian Circles: This band is fucking rad."

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