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What can be said about Bygones? Have you heard of Hella? Tera Melos? These bands don't need words to get their point across. So logically, a project bred from their members Zach Hill (drums, vocals) & Nick Reinhart (guitar, bass, vocals) is equally successful at rendering wordsmiths speechless. The music speaks for itself. The first ten seconds of their first song tells you what you need to know. These two men have a work ethic. Bygones fit more riffs and ideas into one song than most bands fit into a whole album. It's tireless, and nearly infinite in the shear quantity of shit to unravel.

Can we play the game of stepping out of the bounds of what's expected to the point where we're no longer sure if we believe in anything anymore? Is there a point? Bygones are a product of our age. Let's not over-analyze. Let's not look for cultural pertinence. Let's not be stymied by tradition, or by the desire to react against it. Let's not pander. Instead, let's rejoice in both our common bonds and our eccentricities. Let's fucking own it. And prepare to be dazzled.

bygones debut album by- will be released by Sargent House on August 4th on both CD and 12" Vinyl. Pre-sales begin NOW

1) cold reading
2) click on that (smash the plastic death)
3) not what it is but what it’s not
4) nu cringe
5) fool evolved
6) spray you with your own trip
7) expelled
8) up the shakes
9) ex-people
10) error

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