Sargent House is Calling All Artists! Need Merch Designs

Ok, so every time most of our bands get ready for a tour we are faced with the ongoing nightmare that is finding good new merch designs for them. We check out people's stuff, it looks awesome then 9 out of 10 times what they send us is some flash art generic, I could have done that myself in 3 minutes looking thing! Or they send some design that I've already seen a million times on some inter-changable Emo band shirt - that just shouts "You really know NOTHING about the vibe of this band do you?" It's driving us crazy over here at Sargent House So we are making a call out to anyone and everyone that thinks they might be able to help! Below is a list of all the bands I need new designs for with links to be able to check out their tunes. We are only looking for designs that really understand the esthetic of the band individually. Now, unlike other places that pull this crap and call it a "contest" aka trying to make you work hard for free, we are willing to PAY for any design that we would want to print - we will give you $75 and a free album of your choosing from the Sargent House Collection - so come on let's see what you got, we need you, so make it good and we'll just keep loving you forever.


Good Old War
Russian Circles
RX Bandits
Maps & Atlases
Cast Spells
Love You Moon
Red Fang
Sargent House ( that's right go for it)

Then send us a jpg ( preferably both ways detail and mocked up on shirt or hoodie) to: mgmt@sargenthouse.com


Tim said...

Hey, do you accept hand-drawn designs? I only do my work by hand and scan it. Let me know if you're alright with this, I would love to get involved and draw something for a shirt/sweatshirt.

Cole Blotcky said...

You should check out emptees.com
its a community of tee shirt designers.

75 dollars is below industry standard for this size of band but you might get some talented young blood being interested.

my portfolio is here

Lookingiswrong said...

Wow! 75 dollars, really? Can you say LOW BALL?

Colleen said...

Heard about this through absolutepunk and am super pumped. Will definitely be sending some designs your way soon!

Pat said...

Hey guys
totally awesome! Im excited to submit work for these bands :D