Red Fang Getting Killer Reviews

Red Fang reviews are starting and here is the first from Crave. Have to say we do agree with quotes like these
This is huge, epic, rock that walks into your home, drinks all your beer, fucks your girlfriend then burns the whole shitpile down before leaving. Nothing on this album is formulaic and Red Fang work hard to keep that idea alive.
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Here's another one we think describes them pretty nicely - it's a show preview from Columbus Ohio - Ravari Room Show
The Oregon quartet combines the brutal onslaught of Mastodon, the cocksure songwriting chops of Lions and an old-school metal grounding that will make you remember why Metallica was so loved a long time ago.

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Red Fang is the Frankensteinian ogre of long-time pals Bryan Giles (Last of the Juanitas), Aaron Beam (Dark Forces), David Sullivan (Shiny Beast), and John Sherman (Bad Wizard). They are the quintessence of a stoner rock band, laying out fat grooves in the middle of chunky guitar and hyper-distorted bass that reaches so low that Sunn O))) would be proud.

Their debut full length is a monstrosity of epic proportions, packing in Melvins-style power with the pressure of Black Flag to come up with their own accord of outrageously hip noise. The songs pound out of the speakers like crashing waves of unadulterated sex, bowling over the listener with the feverish energy of a cloud of lethal killer bees with laser beam eyes and dagger-sharp stingers.

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