Red Fang Immortalized with a Kuma's Burger

Taken from the very awesome Red Fang Tour blog this news is a big deal! I mean we are talking Kuma's Corner in Chicago folks!

Next month, the world famous Kuma's Corner is going to have a Red Fang burger! Fuck the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, Red Fang has been deemed worthy enough to be listed among meatiest of the rock elite.

These ain't no half-assed burgers either. Here's my Metallica burger:
Definitely Kill 'Em All. No St. Anger here. This burger would rip Kirk Hammett's eyebrow ring out and then beat the shit out of him with Cliff Burton's corpse.

So all you folks out there in Chicago, stop in next month and see what Mike and the awesome crew at Kuma's came up with. If you got a second fire a photo this way.

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