Drunk Blogging 1

Nothing is more boring than a fricken blog from a label/ management/pr/production company/whatever the heck you want to call this place. Which by the way, is not really definable by your silly old fashioned terms. So I'll just say this beautiful "Community" this "Co-Op" of music stuff we like to spend all our energy on because we love it a.k.a. Sargent House, home to the loonies, the ingrates, the talented, the addicted, the fucked up, the messiahs, the bosses, the self haters, the drunks, the beauties, the wonderful creatures, the 'grass is always greeners', that we love and adore. Blah, blah blah, well we WILL talk about other things, and now is as good a time to start my new series , so welcome to DRUNK BLOGGING where after a full night of raging one of us - probably me, because I'm the only one who gives a shit enough to type these things will just come on here and spout about what we think is top notch, or what we can't fricken stand - you know the shit people talk about when they are wasted.

Here goes: I'm stoked on fricken Obama - seriously the dude is as close to a human being,in office of PRESIDENT we have ever come. I can relate to this guy and he actually does make me feel proud for the first time in my lifetime about Americans not being totally stupid. Let's make sure we all do our part and not get complacent, which got us in this whole mess in the first place. You know America is NOT #1 in fact we are pretty low on the list in some of the most important things, like education, you know Kids can't fricken read? it's disgraceful. Anyhoo, this is boring, let's talk about stuff that matters like, Hey, I never knew J Bennett's girlfriend Sarah was in a band until tonight, I went to my friend, the awesome photographer you should all know about Robin Laananen's birthday dinner thing and she was like, "hey we all have to leave and go see Sarah's band" Black Math Horseman
and I'm like ok. (For any of you who know me, you know going to see ANY LA band is not something I EVER do) , Well, it was tit's. I wasn't expecting it to be good because she's hot, but now I realize she's hot and she rocks. So yeah, there is my Drunk blog recommendation for band to check out for the night.

oh, and did I mention I got 3 new Demos from Maps & Atlases today and yea, they are fricken good. what did you expect. Jeez now if only they didn't think the grass was always greener - we could party.


Abbie said...

three cheers for drunk blogs.

Christopher said...

This must have been Cathy? I hope so. Let's get drunk!